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What can VR do for your business?

HM Innovation creates Virtual Reality experiences either from converting existing 3D files or animating the project from scratch. Our work can be experienced using Virtual Reality headsets, smartphones, tablets or computers.

Increase Sales!

New form of visualization.

Virtual Reality(VR) presents your business with a completely new way of visualizing your projects. From 2D to 3D and from 3D to VR a logical next step we help you to take. VR is more likely to convince your potential customers because of the opportunity to already walk and interact with their future purchase. Combined with as realistic as possible experience, it makes almost impossible to not attract attention.

Time advantage.

While your competitors are fully focused on construction or planning a project, you will be able to market all of your future projects at anytime. VR allows you to walk trough and assess your projects way before the actual date of completion.

Decrease Costs!

Eliminate waste of resources.

Since VR allows you to see any project before its even build, you will be able to plan exactly to the point where all parties from construction to the end consumer are satisfied.

Virtual sample product.

With our VR technology your business is no longer forced to invest high numbers of resources in products you try to sell. We visualize any of your products based on 3D models and you simply present it to your costumers.

Be Portable!

One of the biggest advantages VR has is its portability.

With minimum effort and resources you will be able to show your products all over the world to any costumer. Except for saving on shipping and traveling expenses, you also preserve your most valuable resource…time.


Here you can see some of the great VR projects our partners trusted us to produce:


Have you ever enjoyed a proper Chicago view?

No? Check this out!

House in the mountains

Take a deep peaceful breath with us and be creative. Come and experience our Holiday House.


Sounds funny but do you want to know how you fit an entire machinery in only one suitcase no matter what size?


What can you expect from VR?

Experience your project before it is build

By using the VR technology HM Innovation makes it possible to experience your project before you pay all the construction cost. Our team steps in at an early stage of the planning process and thereby you decrease your overall expenses. Adjustments can be made before construction starts, which will cut your total costs immense.

Interactive Environments

Your project can be adjusted easily at the push of a button. Our service makes it possible that you can change textures, furniture, colors, etc.. All this changes happen in real time and you can compare different version of your project right away. Additionally, you can move within the virtual world and view your project from different angles and execute appropriate changes.

Unique Sales Method

The VR technology will revolutionize your sales strategy. Back in time the client has to come and see the projects. Today you can bring your projects to your clients. It doesn’t matter if you sell properties or big plants. With Virtual Reality and our service we visualize those projects and it fits in your suitcase. From now on your clients can experience your products at their conference room.

Spatial Sound

The sound of any VR application plays an important role. Therefore, every project we add sound to is hardly to be distinguish from reality. That guarantees all costumers of ours the best possible experience and makes your VR experience even more realistic.

Mobile Showroom

All you need to experience the virtual world is a computer, the headset and a space of 2m x 2m. You see you can easily set up a show room which can be used for client presentation, exhibition appearance or internal purposes. If you do not want to buy all the equipment for a single event, we are offering all the equipment for rent.